Labour Regulations - English

Module 1 - Labour Regulations

Objective: Basic knowledge of a). the Labour Law covered by the Decent Work survey,  b). basic knowledge of wages (minimum wages, living wages), and c). basic knowledge of trade union regulations in relation to Collective Agreements.

Total reading time 12 hours

Process and Materials
During  Module 1 you will learn (mainly by reading) and gain a deeper understanding of  a number of related topics in the field of labour relations:

Step 1

Minimum Wages


Step 2

Living Wages


Step 3

Labour Law


Step 4

Trade unions and Collective Bargaining


Step 5

Labour reforms - Minimum Wage setting -  a History


At the end of Module 1:

  • Participants understand the philosophy behind , and principles of Labour Law.
  • Participants understand the basic legal content of the Decent Work Check survey


Next steps
Exam - Check Moodle
The course consists of 8 modules. 
Module 1: Labour Regulations in Indonesia
Module 2: Gender Sensitivity
Module 3: About the Decent Work program
Module 4: Preparing the Field Work
Module 5: Company  Data Collection Process
Module 6: Access and Data Analysis
Module 7: Evidence based  Social Dialogue
Module 8: Reporting
What you should know:
The Bahasa version of the Gajimu Garment Program has more text and options than the English version.