The qualified Interviewer

What makes an interviewer qualified?

 Having past the exam successfully, the interviewer can act with authority as the ambassador/extension of WageIndicator and carry out the Decent Work program in the area/sector to be surveyed. Because now, the qualified interviewer:

  •  is capable of establishing good working relationships with local unions and representatives of the company management, in order to prepare the ground for carrying out the Decent Work survey among workers of the targeted factories;
  • can coordinate with labor unions at the company level to select a proper sample of workers / respondents to be surveyed, at least 30 workers per factory;
  • is able to collect data according to plan, including guiding respondents, checking and inputting the data collected;
  • can record/document the process of conducting the survey (pointing out opportunities and challenges);
  • can inform, submit, and discuss the results of the Survey with both the trade union leadership and the company management;
  • can assist in ensuring the  survey results are conveyed properly to all stakeholders;
  • can coordinate with labor unions and factory management the organization of a social dialogue, monitor and document the results thereof
  • can prepare financial documentation of costs incurred during the course of the project in their region/sector surveyed;
  • can assist the partnering trade union to continue using the Decent Work survey as a tool in recruiting and organizing workers, as well as in raising awareness about labour rights.