How To Access and Use The Data Collected - English

Module 6: How to access and use the collected data

This module 6 will give you instructions on how to access the data that have been  collected with the help of the Factory survey and Decent Work survey and Collective Agreement database. The module will give you also arguments why and how to publish the data in the Company / Factory Info page (or not). 

Total reading time 3 hours


Step 1

1. Objective: Learn how to access and read the data

Instruction Videos

How to open the Company / Factory page

How to read the first part of a Factory page

How to read the second part of a Factory page

Step 2

Objective: Understanding the CBA database

Instruction Video (coming soon)


Step 3

Objective: Why publish data on Factory Info pages? 

Where the Decent Work Check program is about transparency, there are cases where employers or trade unions don t want the publications. How to deal with this? Check the video.




Next steps
Exam - Check Moodle
The course consists of 8 modules. 
Module 1: Labour Regulations in Indonesia
Module 2: Gender Sensitivity
Module 3: About the Decent Work program
Module 4: Preparing the Field Work
Module 5: Company  Data Collection Process
Module 6: Access and Data Analysis
Module 7: Evidence based  Social Dialogue
Module 8: Reporting
What you should know:
The Bahasa version of the Gajimu Garment Program has more text and options than the English version.