Evidence Based Social Dialogue - English

Module 7: Evidence based Social Dialogue


Step 1

Objective: Prepare improvement cases as input for local social dialogue

  • How to read the first part of the Company / Factory page - video

  • How to read the second part of the Company / Factory page - video

  • And check the Introduction Video another time - video


Step 2

Objective: Stimulate a local social dialogue to come up with solutions


Step 3

Objective: How to use and build evidence/data based argumentation to companies


Step 4

Objective: How to use the data as input for a local mini - Social Dialogue

(more will follow)


Step 5

Objective: How to prepare a proposal document / offer solutions in CBA-negotiations

(more will follow)


Step 6

And don't give up!



Collective Bargaining - a Policy Guide - ILO - 2015



Next steps
Exam - Check Moodle
The course consists of 8 modules. 
Module 1: Labour Regulations in Indonesia
Module 2: Gender Sensitivity
Module 3: About the Decent Work program
Module 4: Preparing the Field Work
Module 5: Company  Data Collection Process
Module 6: Access and Data Analysis
Module 7: Evidence based  Social Dialogue
Module 8: Reporting
What you should know:
The Bahasa version of the Gajimu Garment Program has more text and options than the English version.