Gender Sensitivity - English

Module 2 - Gender Sensitivity

Objective: Understand the main gender issues


Participants understand labor philosophy and labor-related laws. Participants understand the legal basis behind the Decent Work Check program and are expected to explain  its purpose to survey respondents. Participants have become sensitive to gender issues and use their increased awareness to improve their ability to formulate strategies and policies that are friendly to the needs of women workers.

Total reading time 3 hours

The steps in this module are:

Step 1

How does it work? How to avoid?


Step 2:

What is meant by sexual harassment?
Who can be a victim of sexual harassment at work?
What are the types of sexual harassment?
How to measure the level of sexual harassment at work?
Is there a national law which addresses sexual harassment at work?
What is a victim of sexual harassment advised to do?


Step 3


At the end of Module 2:

  • Participants are able to understand the importance of gender integration and inclusion in future Decent Work Check programs.
  • Participants are able to carry out gender analyses according to the program needs.


Next steps
Exam - Check Moodle
The course consists of 8 modules. 
Module 1: Labour Regulations in Indonesia
Module 2: Gender Sensitivity
Module 3: About the Decent Work program
Module 4: Preparing the Field Work
Module 5: Company  Data Collection Process
Module 6: Access and Data Analysis
Module 7: Evidence based  Social Dialogue
Module 8: Reporting
What you should know:
The Bahasa version of the Gajimu Garment Program has more text and options than the English version.